As of this month, as announced at launch, Mobi completes its line in the Fiat network. Mobi Way and Mobi Way On arrive to dealerships all over Brazil, the most adventurous versions of the model.
‘An urban car with an adventurous footprint’. This is the right name for the Way settings that have just hit the market. With strong strokes, they have unique aesthetic characteristics that show personality and extend Mobi’s robustness at first glance.For this, the modern and unique design of the Fiat Mobi gains an extra dose of adventure and joviality with th Longitudinal roof bars, which increase the height and make the car more imposing;
– Unique bumpers, passing more personality and valuing the adventurous vocation of the version;
– Frames in the wheel boxes, to leave the sides more robustTires 175/65 R14 – Superverdes. With low rolling resistance, they improve the model’s fuel consuTechnically, these versions arrive with higher suspensions, with specific springs and dampers, besides the stabilizer bar of 18 mm in diameter and hydraulic cushion in the engine. In this way, the Mobi Way has good ability to absorb irregularities in rough terrains, such as earth, corrugated asphalt, parallelepipeds, etc. A sure vehicle to oveleisure, like trips to the course and beach.
The interior of the Mobi Way confirms the quality of the finishes and the functionality of the model. Comes with exclusive fabrics for the version, which enhances the feeling of comfort and quality. Focusing on practicality, there are items such as the inside of the boot lid and fuel cap, split rear seat and Cargo Box, a removable, adjustable divider that fits neatly into the trunk and makes it easy to carry objects in the car. day-to-day life. It also has several objects scattered around the interior, such as glasses holders, cup holders, bottle holders and bag behind the front seats.
The Fiat Mo

bi Way equipped with the 1.0 engine (seal A in INMETRO), manual transmission of 5 speeds and 4 doors comes very well equipped in front of its competitors. Among the standard items are air conditioning, power steering, dual air bag + ABS brakes with EBD, steering wheel with height adjustment, driver’s seat with height adjustment, lane change, power windows and locks, brake light, radio predisposition , on-board computer, remote control key for opening and closing doors, rear wiper and defogger, height adjustable front seat belts, sun visor (driver and passenger), complete trunk cover, and more.
Way options are Connnect radio integrated into the panel with RDS, Bluetooth handsfree and Audio Streaming function. Another option is the exclusive connectivity system for iOS and Android smartphones via Bluetooth – Fiat Live On, which will be available soon. Both systems arrive accompanied by alarm and commands on the steering wheel.Way On repeats Way’s more rugged look and its contents with the addition of 14-inch alloy wheels with its own design, fog lights, electric rear view mirrors (with tilt-down function) and arrow repeaters, sensor parking, integrated dashboard Connect with RDS, Bluetooth handsfree and Audio Streaming function with steering wheel controls, exclusive bi-colored fabric lining, glossy black trim panel, footrest, sunglasses holder and safety straps on the roof, plus of the console with object holder and additional mirror. This version has no options.
The Way versions complete the Mobi line and come on the market very well equipped. And they still boast a three-year factory warranty, and offer great value for money. The Mobi Way leaves for R $ 39,300. The Way On version, the top of the line, costs 43,800.The owner of the Fiat Mobi Way can even equip it with over 40 Mopar accessories available on the Fiat network, such as rear-view mirror with rear camera, multimedia center with GPS navigator and touch screen, sports pedals, pet bag, ecobag, pair from expandable bags to the trunk and many others.


With 15 years of market leadership in its segment, the Strada pick-up arrives throughout the Fiat network bringing new versions in its 2017 line. Very complete, the new line becomes even more competitive, offering the consumer an excellent cost- benefit.Reference in its segment, the Fiat Strada 2017 now has eight purchase options in its new line. The new versions are: Working Plus 1.4 Flex (simple cabin), Hard Working 1.4 Flex (single, extended and double cabins) and Adventure 1.8 16V Flex Dualogic (double cabin)he new version Working Plus 1.4 Flex Cabine Simples brings, in addition to the standard equipment, such as boat roof and backlit lighting, the entry version of the range (Working 1.4 Flex Simple Cab), also the contents hydraulic steering, brake light, sliding window , rear window guardrail and step ladder.The Hard Working 1.4 Flex versions come to the market even more complete. A Hard Working 1.4 Flex Single Cab brings all standard equipment of the Working Plus 1.4 Flex and more: air conditioning, integral hubs, fog lights, power windows, power locks and driver’s seat with height adjustment. The Hard Working Extended Cabin offers the most of the Single Cabin version, longitudinal roof rails and hooks for cargo mooring in the cabin. The Hard Working Double Cab version also features the third door, 3-point rear side retractable seat belts and sunglasses.On the other hand, the top-of-the-line versions of the Fiat Strada, the Adventure 1.8 16V Flex Extended and Double Cabs, plus its more robust look and its more adventurous features, offer all the standard equipment of the Hard Working, plus 16-inch wheels, parking, electric external mirrors and radio Integrated MP3 / WMA CD with panel with RDS, Bluetooth speakerphone and USB input. The CabineDupla version also features a side-by-side bag holder and cup holder on the rear side and lowered head restraints with height adjustment.
The new Adventure version 1.8 16V Flex Dualogic Dual Cab arrives equipped as standard with all Adventure CD items, plus Dualogic Plus gearbox and flywheel with butterfly-type gear selector lever.The consumer can leave his Strada pick-up even more complete with the list of options. It features Central Multimedia, Adventure Locker (differential lock), rear parking sensor, MP3 USB radio and metal paint. And it also has more than 57 Mopar accessories, which are available from Fiat dealers all over Brazil.Mopar is also providing extended warranty for the Fiat Strada 2017. At the time of purchase, beyond 12 months of the contractual warranty, the consumer may contract another 12 or 24 months of direct coverage at the dealership. It is also possible to make the revision plan tailored to the financing of the vehicle, being able to acquire from 2 to 10 revisions.
With more news, more versions and more content of series, the Fiat Strada 2017 arrives very competitive in the market, with options for all tastes and pockets. Check out the prices of the versions below:
Strada Working 1.4 Flex CS – $ 46,790.00
Strada Working Plus 1.4 Flex CS – $ 48,820.00
Strada Hard Working 1.4 Flex CS – R $ 52,880.00
Strada Hard Working 1.4 Flex CE – R $ 57,040.00
Strada Hard Working 1.4 Flex CD – R $ 64.250,00
Strada Adventure 1.8 16V Flex CE – R $ 66.280,00
Strada Adventure 1.8 16V Flex CD – R $ 73,130.00
Strada Adventure 1.8 16V Flex Dualogic CD – R $ 77,600.00

With the Fiat Tipo Sedan already in the dealers, the Italian brand presents in the Hall of Geneva the two bodies of the Fiat Tipo. On one side is the five-door Hatchback and on the other the familiar Station Wagon. Both are based on the Fiat Tipo Sedan, with changes taking place in the rear. The five-door discards part of the trunk to become an interesting compact at a reduced price that will allow Fiat to make up for lost time.
On the other hand, the family body offers greater versatility than the hatch and the sedan, thanks to a generous rear cover and a trunk that allows it to house larger objects. The key to these two models will be in its attractive design and at a very competitive price, with a good relation between quality, price and equipment, as demonstrated by the Fiat Tipo Sedan.The five-door Fiat Type has a length of 4,370 mm, a width of 1,790 mm and a height of 1,500 mm. It is therefore shorter than the sedan which measures 4,530 mm in length. For its part, the Station Wagon has a length of 4.570 mm, the body being the longest of the three. In relation to the trunk, the sedan already stood out for its 520 liters, but the Hatchback and Station Wagon also have a generous space for luggage. The smallest has 440 liters of capacity, compared to 550 liters of family to the height of the tray.he trunk of the Fiat Type Station Wagon will be the most versatile by having a double bottom, two lights, cargo hooks and a cover that can be rolled up and stored under the floor. The rear seats are foldable by 60:40 and leave a load space of 1,800 mm in length.The engine line will be wider than the current available in the Fiat Type Sedan. At 1.3 and 1.6 MultiJet 95 and 120 hp and at 1.4 Fire 95 hp will add the new 1.6 E-torQ petrol 110 hp and more interesting, a 1.4 Turbo 120 hp, also in a version capable of operating with GLP. There will also be more offer in relation to transmissions, being offered an automatic with torque converter for the engine 1.6 gasoline and one of double clutch and six speeds for diesel of 120 hp.The finish line of the Type family will be expanded to three, with the Pop, Easy and Lounge. New equipment will also feature a new UConnect 7.0-inch capacitive touch-screen multimedia system, which will allow management gestures similar to those used with tablets, as well as functions such as voice control, navigation, streaming audio, UConnect applications Live and compatibility with Android Auto and Apple Carplay.


Equipped with the 2.4 Tigershark engine and nine-speed automatic transmission, the novelty stands out for the ‘all black’ look, with all the darkened detailsA leader among the pick-ups in the Brazilian market, Fiat Toro has in its innovative design one of its many qualities. And now the model gets a version with even more style, to strengthen the concept of SUP (Sport Utility Pick-up). This is the Fiat Toro Blackjack 2.4, which has its differential in the chrome-free finish, with all the black details, both inside and out.The exterior look is dominated by dark graffiti tone applied on wheels (17-inch alloy wheels), exterior mirrors, front grille trim and ceiling bars. To complete the ‘all black’ theme, there is a black belt on the hood and the bucket lid and all the badges have been darkened – even the red of the Fiat brand logo has been changed to black, something unheard of since the current logo was implanted . The body has two options of black: Shadow (solid) and Carbon (metallic).In the interior, the highlight is the exclusive lining of the seats, blending leather and fabric and with the inscription Blackjack embroidered on the front backrests. The name of the version also appears in the frame of the multimedia center, whose light gray tone, which is repeated in the frames of the air vents and the speakers, contrasts with the black that prevails throughout the cabin.
The Toro Blackjack is equipped with the 2.4-liter TigersharkMultiAir Flex engine of 186 hp and 245 Nm, combined with the nine-speed automatic transmission, unique in the segment. The equipment list is based on the Freedom 2.4 version plus important items: dual zone electronic air-conditioning, exclusive lined seats, fog lights, LED daytime running lights (DRL), longitudinal roof bars, rear armrests, carpet mats and the High Tech package, consisting of rain sensor, twilight sensor and internal electrochromic rear view mirror.Another highlight in the Fiat Toro Blackjack series content is the Mopar Custom Shop line audio kit with multimedia center with 6.2-inch touch screen, which includes radio, DVD player, digital TV, GPS navigator, USB and Bluetooth connections, and interaction with steering wheel controls. Toro Blackjack has the suggested starting price of $ 112,990.