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Top Convertible Car Seat Ratings


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Traveling with a child by car can be a tiring experience for all those involved. As a driver, you need to keep your eyes on the road, and your kid may grow impatient or annoyed because they do not feel comfortable enough. What you need is a good and reliable convertible car seat that will keep your baby protected and will also provide them with the much needed comfort. By evaluating the best convertible car seat ratings in 2018, we reached the conclusion that the following features are needed most and foremost.


Exceptional protection

Road safety is important and for children even more so, since their fragile bodies may suffer more extensive and severe injuries in the case of an accident. Car seat manufacturers are well aware of this, which is why they focus on offering outstanding protection that abides by all the rules and regulations in effect. You can tell one model being better than the rest, if it meets and even exceeds the crash test standards and federal requirements for child safety.


Weight limit range

Since we are talking about convertible car seats, the ones with the best ratings are those that can accommodate babies from their first days of life, far into their preteen years. Such models do exist and they can turn from a rear facing model to a forward facing model, and later into a booster.


Overall great comfort

Do not forget that your baby’s comfort counts a great deal when it comes to traveling by car. If they feel cozy, your kid may sleep soundly through the entire trip and you will not have to worry about a thing. A model with plenty of padding and added extras like a head rest for older kids, is a much better choice than the regular lot.

The best rated car seats for children currently available are listed below.



Top Convertible Car Seat Ratings in 2018



Diono Radian RXT 


1-diono-radian-rxtThe Diono Radian RXT is part of a series of car seats renowned for the great protection they offer. The frame is made from sturdy steel and it keeps the seat inside the vehicle, taking most of the force of impact. This also makes it very durable, which is another great plus, since you will not have to invest in another chair anytime soon.

Considered one of the best convertible car seats in 2018, if not the best, by many buyers, this model is a recommended buy. The weight limit range is very wide, starting at 5 pounds and ending at 120 pounds, when turned into a booster.

This is clearly a great investment for any parent and your little one will not need another chair before starting to travel as adults do, without a special car seat.

The EPS foam used for the padding is designed not only for comfort, but also for absorbing the energy generated during an impact.

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Britax USA Advocate 


2-britax-usa-advocateBritax is known as one of the pioneers of road safety for children, so it is no wonder that their patented installation system makes their car seats among the safest on the market.

The Britax USA Advocate comes equipped with the special ClickTight system that makes installation easy as a breeze, and also extremely safe.

You only need to open the front, buckle the seat belt across and just click it tight, and you are done. Other important safety measures are present, such as the SafeCell Impact Protection system that consists of a steel frame guaranteed to absorb impact energy in case of a crash, and a V shaped tether that limits rotation.

The stitches are designed to release in stages, so the car seat does not get projected forward at high speed in case of impact. The harness is easy to adjust, so you will have no troubles finding a good position for your kid.

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Peg Perego Primo Viaggio 


3-peg-peregoThe best convertible car seat reviews 2018 are praising the Peg Perego Primo Viaggio for its outstanding features. In the rear facing position, the seat accommodates babies weighing from 5 to 45 pounds. In the forward facing position, it can be used by children weighing from 22 to 65 pounds.

Special attention for protection was paid by the manufacturer during the making of this seat. This model comes with special side impact protection, designed to ensure that injuries in the head, neck and spine area are limited if not eliminated.

You will love how easy it is to adjust the harness, so that your baby always sits comfortably. The special type of foam used for the padding is meant to absorb the force of impact in case of a traffic accident, further enhancing the qualities of this car seat.

The best convertible car seat safety ratings highly recommend the Peg Perego Primo Viaggio, and so do buyers.

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