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Expert Reviews on Convertible Car Seats under 100


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If you are looking for an affordable convertible car seat, the first thing you should know is that you do not have to compromise on either quality or features. There are plenty of good quality models on the market that do not hit the 100 dollar mark, so you have plenty to choose from. We just want to make your choice easier by showing you exactly what you should be looking for in terms of features and extras. This way, we are positive you will find the best convertible car seat under 100 in 2018 with ease.


Safety standards

The fact that you are looking for an affordable model does not mean the one you will get should be subpar as far as safety is concerned. The manufacturers with the best reputation in this industry are constantly designing and launching on the market models that meet and even exceed the safety standards imposed on a federal level. Some of these models are sold for cheap and it is easy to find one that is just to your liking.


Harness adjustments

A great feature you should look for when you are shopping for a car seat is an adjustable harness. This will make it easy for parents to tighten the harness over the baby’s body, without inconveniencing the child in any way, and it will also help as the kid grows and the position for the harness must be modified.

Extra convenience

Let’s not forget that long trips by car can be pretty tiring and boring for a baby. That is why all the added extras for convenience are important. For instance, a cup holder will allow your little one to have a drink at hand all the time, to avoid dehydration. A hidden drawer for toys can be a nice touch, as well.

The best convertible car seats under 100 are listed below.



Top Convertible Car Seats under 100 in 2018



Evenflo Tribute LX 


1-evenflo-tribute-lxIf you are really concerned about your baby’s safety while riding in the car with you, you can put your worries aside if you decide to purchase the Evenflo Tribute LX. This model does not only meet, but even exceeds two times the federal crash test standards for structural integrity.

In layman’s terms, in case of an accident, this car seat will behave admirably and everything possible to limit injuries and protect your baby’s life will be done. Another thing worth noting about this car seat is the multiple positions for the harness that serve for adjustments as your baby grows.

Because this is a convertible model, it must serve the car seat occupant for many years, which is why such a feature is important. The car seat comes with an integrated body cushion for extra comfort and a head pillow that can be removed or added, as the need arises.

Buy from for ($45.99)




Safety 1st Guide 65 


2-safety-1st-guide-65The best convertible car seat reviews in 2018 list the Safety 1st Guide 65 as one of the most popular models around. This car seat is sure to grow with your baby and it will be of use from day one.

The smallest weight a baby can have and still make use of this car seat is just 5 pounds, which means that even low birth weight babies will be finely accommodated by it.

You can use this car seat in the rear facing position for as long as it is needed, and then switch to a forward facing position that will carry your child at least until they need to go to school.

The 5 point harness is great for added safety and it is also easy to adjust. A headrest for accommodating children as they grow and they need more support for neck and head is provided.

Buy from for ($84.99)




Evenflo SureRide DLX 


3-evenflo-sureride-dlxIf what you are looking for is the best convertible car seat around $100, the Evenflo SureRide DLX should be on your list. This model is built for comfort and convenience, two important things for babies and parents alike.

The harness has 6 different shoulder positions, so you can easily adjust it until you find that sweet spot that guarantees perfect safety but also does not inconvenience your little one in any way.

The up-front adjustment system lets you put the harness on with ease, and also release it when you want to take the baby out of the car seat. A body pillow is supplied with your purchase, which is great for small babies.

Later on, this pillow can be removed. All kinds of conveniences are present on this model, such as a comfort touch pad and a removable cup holder. Many buyers consider this the best economical convertible car seat on the market.

Buy from for ($88.65)




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