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Expert Reviews on Convertible Car Seats for Small SUVs


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There is nothing more important for parents than being able to offer their kids the best conditions to thrive and be happy. Protection is, therefore, an important issue, especially when you are embarking on a trip by car. Babies need special car seats to travel in the best comfort and safety and that is why there is an entire industry making such items. This guide is intended to help parents who drive smaller SUVs and need a convertible car seat for their babies that fits in their vehicle.


Compact design

While at first glance, all the convertible car seats on the market may look about the same, there are some that are a better option than the rest. What makes these models so suitable for what you are looking for is their compact design. Some manufacturers even mention that their models are designed to fit in smaller cars, so you can rest assured that you will not have to return the car seat because it doesn’t fit in your vehicle.


Safety features

Although safety comes first, we listed the compact design as the first feature to keep in mind, since it will help narrow down your search to the best models available. Many convertible car seats manufactured in this day and age come equipped with a wide range of safety features, and you surely want nothing but the best. That is why you should know that the best convertible car seats for small SUV in 2018 is one that comes with a sturdy frame, a 5 point safety harness and special foam for padding capable of absorbing shocks.



A sure way to find exactly what you are looking for is to select your preferred car seat from the best brands known to manufacture such baby items. As long as the manufacturer enjoys a great reputation overall, you will know that you have nothing to worry about.

The best convertible car seats for smaller SUVs are listed below.



Top Convertible Car Seats for Small SUVs in 2018



Safety 1st Guide 65 


1-safety-1st-guideThe manufacturer of this particular model advertises it as a perfect choice for a smaller vehicle, so you will know right from the start that you will not make a mistake if you pick this one. But this is not the only selling point for this nice looking convertible car seat for children.

The best convertible car seat reviews in 2018 highly recommend it because it offers the best protection possible for your kid, regardless of whether it needs to sit in the car facing backward or forward.

This is a great investment for parents, since it can accommodate babies weighing as little as 5 pounds and as much as 65 pounds, so you can rest assured that your little one will make use of this model for many years.

The 5 point harness is easy to adjust and the 3 available buckle locations make it easy to find the most comfortable setup.

Buy from for ($73.38)




Maxi-Cosi Pria 70 


2-maxi-cosi-pria-70Another model competing for the title of the best convertible car seat for SUV is the Maxi-Cosi Pria 70. This one has a weight range of 9 to 40 pounds in the rear facing position, and one of 22 to 70 pounds in the forward facing position, so it serves just great as a convertible car seat.

Your baby’s comfort is essential when you are traveling, since they will be able to sleep well throughout the ride. This manufacturer created this model with children’s comfort in mind and the great padding used makes sure your baby will be comfortable all the time.

The fabric covering the padding dries quickly, so this car seat is a good choice in hot weather. Superior impact protection makes this car seat stand out from the crowd and the stay in car base makes installation a real breeze.

3 available recline position enhance the overall comfort level of this particular model.

Buy from for ($212.49)




Graco SmartSeat 


3-graco-smartseatThis is a complete solution if you are looking for a car seat that will accompany your child’s development well into their preteen years.

In the rear facing position, this model accommodates babies weighing between 5 and 40 pounds; in the forward facing position, the model is a good fit for children weighing between 20 and 65 pounds, and, after that, it can be turned into a booster for kids weighing as much as 100 pounds.

The LATCH system makes installation a breeze, and the stay in car base makes it even simpler. You do not have to worry about a thing if you are using this car seat for your kid.

The frame is made from reinforced steel and it is very durable and resistant to impact. Safety levels are outstanding on this convertible car seat and overall this is a very comfortable model.

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