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Expert Reviews on Convertible Car Seats for Newborns


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Babies are adorable: they coo, they drool, they don’t make a lot of noise so traveling with them is almost always uneventful. All you ever really need to do when taking a car trip with infants is make sure they are safely tucked into either an infant car seat or a convertible car seat. If you believe cost efficiency is a large factor in choosing a travel system for your child, then a convertible car seat always makes a better choice. Now what sets apart the best convertible car seats for newborns in 2018 from others?


Designed to fit a baby’s tiny body

When looking at the products featured in the best convertible car seat reviews 2018, you must always take into consideration that an infant has a smaller build compared to an older child or toddler. Therefore, a convertible car seat that comes with an infant insert makes a great choice. The baby insert offers adequate head and body support by cushioning the infant’s tiny body with fabric-covered foam for correct positioning in the seat. Understandably, you will want the insert to have undergone testing to ensure safe use. Should the unit not come with an infant insert, you may have to make do with rolled receiving blankets to provide needed support.


Offers convenient and suitable harness tightness and strap positioning

When looking into the harness component, make sure it is short enough to handle the dimensions of a seven-pound baby, offering a snug fit over the tiny body. Give the harness the pinch test to ensure tightness. You shouldn’t be able to pinch the fabric of the harness straps between your fingers.

As for proper strap positioning in the rear-facing mode, make sure the straps are well positioned just below or at the shoulders. Typically, newborns have a seven-inch tall torso, so use this as a guide to ensure that the lowest slots of the strap are that low for a proper fit.


Provides proper positioning angle

Since newborns tend to spend their day sleeping, you will want the car seat to facilitate that. A recline of about 45 degrees is recommended for this purpose. Should the head be allowed to fall forward, the airway of your child could get blocked and cause breathing difficulty. Look for models that offer that necessary angle of recline without compromising on secure installation as well as legroom for the passenger seated in front of the unit. Some models enable the use of pool noodles or a tightly rolled towel to get the proper recline angle.



There are plenty of convertible car seats for newborns on the market. While this can unduly complicate your decision-making process, we urge you to check out the information provided in the above buying guide for an easier shopping experience. We have also showcased the best products below for even more shopping assistance.




Top Convertible Car Seats for Newborns in 2018



Diono Radian RXT Shadow 16930


1-diono-radian-rxtLook no further than the Diono Radian RXT Shadow 16930 when in the market for the best convertible car seat for an infant. This model belongs to the Diono Radian line of convertible plus booster seats equipped with a full steel alloy frame to ensure total safety.

In the rear-facing mode, the seat handles from 5 to 45 pounds, while in the forward-facing position, it offers a weight capacity between 20 and 80 pounds with the 5-point harness engaged. On booster mode, it takes in a full 120 pounds of weight.

To provide ample cushioning, the unit features an infant body support, along with memory foam to provide added comfort. The adjustable headrest comes with reinforced sidewalls to effectively prevent your baby’s head from lolling awkwardly to the sides.

The exclusive SafeStop energy-absorbing harness system and EPS foam lining provide additional safety. The unit folds flat for problem-free transport and travel. Engineered for safety and strength, this model has been NCAP crash tested to perform as designed in critical crash conditions.

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Chicco NextFit Matrix


2-chicco-nextfitStill looking for the best rated convertible car seats for infants? If you don’t already own the Chicco NextFit Matrix, you definitely need to go out and get it while it’s still available. This model comes with a revolutionary Recline Sure 9-position leveling system that delivers the most number of recline options compared to its competitors. That means it can be made to provide an accurate fit in a wider variety of vehicles. The two patented Ride Right bubble levels tell you when the proper seat angle is achieved whether in the forward-facing or rear-facing mode.

The patented Super Cinch LATCH Tightener ingeniously works on force-multiplying technology to ensure a secure and tight fit without requiring too much effort. Repositioning the LATCH strap is also effortless when converting from rear-facing to forward-facing mode because of the integrated slide path. To accommodate growing kids, the 6-position headrest comes with an integrated harness adjustment feature. The five-point harness tightens with one pull for convenience.

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Britax USA Boulevard Circa E1A325Q


3-britax-usa-boulevardDefinitely one of the best convertible car seats for babies, the Britax USA Boulevard Circa E1A325Q is equipped with the state-of-the-art ClickTight Installation System, which provides the simplest yet safest technology on the market. Just open the front of the unit, buckle the seat bolt across it and click the unit shut to have dependably rock-solid installation. With the patented

SafeCell Impact Protection system, you are ensured of baby’s safety during critical crash events thanks to the steel frame and energy-absorbing base plus the V-shaped tether that reduces seat rotation. The staged-release stitches retard and minimize forceful forward movement during a collision.

With its 2 layers of side impact protection, this car seat keeps the small passenger protected from the violent crash forces that come into play during severe crash events.

The deep foam-lined shell and quick-adjust head protection dissipate the violent and lethal energy generated during such situations to shield your child. Moreover, the Click & Safe Snug Harness Indicator emits an audible “click” to assure you that the harness has been properly tightened.

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